Thursday, July 26, 2012

Metro Ethernet & Carrier Ethernet

In the Communication Service Provider (CSP) industry today, there are many confusions with terms. One such example is Metro Ethernet (ME) and Carrier Ethernet (CE).  Many people have asked me the difference between the two. Therefore, I just though of writing this small blog, just to clarify the doubts.

ME was 1st to come. Hence the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Carrier Ethernet (CE) came later and MEF adopted it as well. So, MEF the one defines the generic standards for ME and now CE.

Both ME and CE, though technical terms, are used as commercial words these days by vendors.

ME is a service. CE can provide ME services too. ME and CE demarcation is now becoming blurred and the future term will be CE.

In fact CE and ME refers to the same thing, i.e well known Ethernet technology/interface used in the Local Area Network (LAN) being used in the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) with hardened capabilities, defined as 5 attribute by MEF.

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