Friday, August 10, 2012

National Broadband Network reality

I think the operators/governments, both developed and developing, around the globe need to go back to the fundamentals and 1st principals in deploying broadband/Next Generation Access (NGA) networks. For that matter, most governments need to go back to fundamentals/1st principles in all that they do.

They need to think on the "purpose" of doing what they are doing/planning to do. If you continuously search for the purpose of the purpose and so on, then only you'll find what is actually required to be done. For example, take broadband. Why broadband? to have a high bandwidth delivered to homes. Why high bandwidth? to deliver more content/applications. Why more content/applications? for information (ex: Internet) and entertainment (ex: IPTV) delivery. Why information? to make the life convenient.

Ok. now, to make the life convenient, what else can we do other than providing broadband? I think the governments can do lot more things together with broadband to make peoples/citizens lives convenient. ex: good governance, public reforms etc. Is Fiber to the Home (FTTH) the only solution? The governments/operators need to broaden their solution space and take in to account all the possibilities and find the optimum solution, without being fascinated and misdirected by the hype. There's no need for you to follow, just because someone has done it.

Nothing is complex; you need right thinking, attitude and desire. If governments got that together with common sense and looking for purpose of all they do, they can.

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